Simple OMD versus GH3.

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Re: Simple OMD versus GH3.

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Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again: neither camera will fit in a pocket and both will fit in a small bag.

Repeating wrong statement multiple times won't make it right.
OM-D fits in jacket pocket with pancake lens. GH3 does not.
OM-D will fit in belt camcoder-sized pouch with lens like Pana 25mm or smaller and additional small lens. GH3 will not.

Technically true about the jacket pocket

What does 'technically true' mean, and how does it differ from 'true'? Because it's true that the E-M5 fits in a jacket pocket with a pancake and no flash or grip attached, no technicality involved. I do it all the time, and this is a very important feature in a camera for me.

So I'll stand by my statement that, at least for me, there is little or no practical advantage to the smaller size of the EM5.

I don't think anyone here is arguing with you about what's best for you. You, on the other hand, seem to be arguing about what's best for everyone.

I think you are mistaken. Obviously a lot of Oly fans are arguing that Panasonic has lost its mind and is going in the "wrong direction" for MFT. It's been suggested that there is no point at all in making an MFT camera the size of the GH3. I'm simply presenting the other side of the coin.

Perhaps it's been suggested elsewhere, but you were answering micksh6, who did not make that suggestion. So, in this case, no one is arguing with you about what's best for you. So I'm not sure why you're arguing what's best for everyone else.

The EM5 is about the same size as the GH2 and I -- personally -- never felt it was comfortable carry in a jacket pocket. Granted, I live in Miami and that's somewhat academic.

Great for you, personally. I like Miami - fun town. I live in Austria, where temperatures have been been below freezing for most of the past couple of weeks, and are headed even further south in the next few days.

Perhaps you don't own any real winter jackets. I know I didn't own any serious winter clothing when I lived in Texas, but I now own snow boots and all manner of serious cold-weather gear. My cold-weather jacket has plenty of space for an E-M5, so I don't really care whether you've ever felt comfortable putting a GH2 in your jacket pocket - it's simply irrelevant to me.

Really, your needs and desires are completely irrelevant to me, which is my whole point. I'm not arguing that the E-M5 is the objectively better camera than the GH-3 (although it is certainly more flexible as far as configuration options go, since one can go small, with no flash and no grip, or substantial with a flash and a grip, as necessary, while the GH-3 does not offer that flexibility, at all).

You, on the other hand, seem to think that whether you, personally, would feel comfortable putting a camera the size of the E-M5 in your jacket pocket, or that whether you, personally, would feel comfortable using an E-M5 without the attached grip is somehow relevant to me.

Totally irrelevant to me. Not sure what's so hard to understand about that.


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