How does the 30mm f/2 compare to PL 25mm and Sony E 35mm?

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Re: How does the 30mm f/2 compare to PL 25mm and Sony E 35mm?

chopf wrote:

Hi all,

Currently equipped with LX5 and NX10 + 30mm f/2 I'v been sitting on the fence for almost a year on how to upgrade for a better low-light kit. Given intended use (evenings, toddlers, some landscapes) I am looking for the best combo body + 1 normal lens + 1 WA

I am thinking about the following options

A m43 (GX1 or epl5) + PL 25 + O12 or P14

B nx (210 or 300) + 30 + 16 or 20

C nex6 + 35 + 16 or some MF WA (Voigtlander?)

fuji is out unless AF gets toddler-compliant in XE2 or through FW update...

If you have real world experience with any two of the above, which did you prefer and why? I love the samsung colors on my NX10 but keep reading good things of the PL25 and the Nex6 sensor

Thanks for your thoughts


If you're looking at toddlers and landscapes, that's fast-action and tripod work, respectively.

You may as well get a low-end DSLR. You can get a D3100 with the 35mm/1.8 for $550 now.

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