Rotatrim Size Recommendations

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Re: Rotatrim Size Recommendations

I first encounter these trimmers, then marketed by Omega (Enlargers!) in the mid 60's.

Keep this handy:

Adjusting a RotaTrim Trimmer

Adjust the top guide position NOT the cutter, the cutter carrier, the cutter location, or the rails (and heed the Addendum below).

Checking the trimmer:

First cut one edge of a sheet of heavy stock holding one even/smooth side against the top edge guide.

Mark this cut as Edge #1, for clarity.

Then turn the sheet 90 degrees ANTI-clockwise (CCW) so the trimmed edge is then against top guide, and trim again.

Repeat, trim & rotate, the other 2 edges

Turn again until the first cut edge, Edge #1, is now along the cutting edge.

If the finished edge is not even or flush with the lip of the actual cutting edge, adjust the alignment by !ONLY! 1/4 of the difference.

To do this rotate the alignment of the top guide by the (1/4) amount above (use a mm ruler) :

UP (CW) if the first edge (one you first trimmed) is wider at the bottom (nearest you)

DOWN (reverse, or CCW) if it was narrower at the bottom.

You will probably need to gently pry up the top guide cover strip, or the cover strip and then the guide, after first marking its location with fine tipped permanent pen or pencil for reference. Re-position as described - using double sided tape as required and secure in place.

Addendum: DO NOT pick up or carry the trimmer by the rail(s)!

The rail(s) may not be secured in their sockets. They are tubing and the tube walls may not be as thick as they could be.  This means they are sometimes oval shaped (in cross section) rather than truly round and may only be jammed into the end standards with plastic tape. You can tests this by trying to rotate the rails by hand. If they will rotate (ideally they do not) you may note that as they turn they are loose, then tight, then loose again. This demonstrates that they are oval rather than round and causes the trimmer to cut easiest when the rails are in a certain position (the cutter carrier will not slide smoothly and in extreme cases it will jam). Picking up or carrying the trimmer by the rail(s) can be a cause or an exaggeration of this defect!

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