What's the consensus on D600 oil&dust issue improvement after a while?

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mrjpack wrote:

Well I am at 3600 shots, I have been cleaning all along, I should say wet cleaning. What I had thought was dust, actually is oil or should I say more like a grease. The rocket blower never had any affect so I was wet cleaning. This last time I decided that probably wasn't necessary & I just went for the charged brush. After sweeping across the sensor, I looked back at it & the surface was smeared with residue. When looking through the sensor scope I realize now the specs where always this Tan colored substance. Kind of a bummer as I always though it was just dust. I don't mind the cleaning, but sometimes it is not practical to travel & bring eclipse with you. i have to say out of the 3600 shots I have had to use the healing brush maybe 40 or 50 times. Ive never had a photo ruined, but I have to admit my heart sunk a bit when i realized this is what I had. Serial number 3009535, i got the camera back in October. I would say it has slowed down some, and I do love this camera very much & dont want to give it up...


I don't think you are supposed to "sweep over" the senor. Brush head should not touch the sensor. You use the charged brush head to 'attract" dust specs.

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