Simple OMD versus GH3.

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Only slightly Re: Fairer Comparison

dgnelson wrote:

Look at the first photo in the article.

There have been a few unnoticed comments about the size of the lens being the relevant factor in MFT, more so than the size of the camera. This isn't a comparison GH3 v OMD, but rather GH3 v dslr. Brings it into better perspective.


Your comparison does give a different perspective, I certainly wouldn't call it fairer and definately not more accurate.

First of all, in that image of the dude with the GH3 next to the dude with the full-on DSLR, the GH3 lens DOES NOT have the same magnification. The lens is just 300mm. What is actually happening is that the mFT sensor because of it's smaller size crops the image circle and then when the image is viewed on screen it is magnified more so as to give the same perspective as that of a 600mm lens on a full frame format camera. But yeah, most folks won't care about that level of pendantry that I have just outlined; because all that matters to them is how the final image appears and if it appears to have the same proportions as that of the image taken by the full frame cam then that's good enough.

Secondly, in no way is that lens giving the same "optical appearance" i.e. depth of field. To be truly equivalent to what the guy with the DSLR is shooting, it would have to be an f2 lens, at which point it would be rather huge (just take a look at full frame 300mm f.28 lenses to see how huge).

But yeah, generally speaking, carrying a mFT kit is waaaaaaay easier on your wrist, shoulder and back.



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