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I didn't

AngryCorgi wrote:

Horshack wrote:

There are many cameras which have banding at base ISO but not at higher ISOs. The Canon 5D Mark III is a good example.

In the future, I would hope you would extend to others the same respect that is expected of others to extend to you. Elsewise, it makes your stance appear fueled by an agenda other than simply for informing/warning people.

It appears you simply misinterpreted the intend of the post. Horshack simply made a factual statement which points to the need to investigate further. No disrespect was intended and to see it where none exists points to one of the problems of text only communication. I didn't think, in this case, we are seeing an agenda of any kind. Horshack is often very thorough in his testing and research. Often very helpful. Seeing an agenda where none exists perhaps.

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