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RStyga wrote:

Unless something is done about its RAW IQ there's no real future for this compact. IT's JPEG is sub-par and currently its RAW is appalling. Let's hope...

I don't know that the XF-1's JPEGs are subpar (I rarely shoot JPEG anyway) but I agree completely about the RAW conversion situation. As DPR has demonstrated in it's High End Compact Roundup, Lightroom (ACR) doesn't do a good job with converting RAWs to JPEG.

When the XF1 was released I was certain I would buy one as the design and form factor are quite nice.  But when I saw the poor results from RAW, I bagged the idea of purchasing it.  (I should point out that DPR also contends that the X10 has similar problems converting RAW files, but I've been able to get fairly satisfactory results with the X10 RAWs in Lightroom, and with in-camera conversion).

With the price of the XF1 down to $399, a full $100 less than launch price, it may still be a viable option.  But with exciting new compacts like the X20 and Pentax MX-1, I agree that the XF1 may not be the best option. This is a pity because it's such a beautiful camera.  Let's hope software vendors and Fuji get RAW straightened out.

Best, Markus

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