LX7 with LVF2: Is it hard to handle Aspect control dial and Aperture on lens with LVF2?

Started Jan 25, 2013 | Questions thread
Francis Carver Senior Member • Posts: 1,122
LX7 with LVF2 for video app

Cyril Catt wrote:

The LVF2 does stick over the Aspect Control slider, but there is quite enough space to use a finger to move the slider.

There is a curved gap of about 1.5 to 2.0 mm between the EVF and the microphones, and the EVF may actually serve to make them more directional by blocking noise from behind the camera. I have only made a brief video, and felt the sound was quite loud enough when played back on my computer.

With 1,440,000 dots (56% more dots than the LCD), the LVF2 provides an excellent display that overcomes the problem of LCD images in bright sunlight either being washed out, or reflecting too strong an image of the user. The LVF2 also allows me to use it without removing my eyeglasses, Alternatively, a Clearviewer accessory makes use of the existing LCD display with almost similar results, at less cost.

Although the LVF2 occupies the camera's hot shoe, I doubt that I will ever want to mount an external flash in it. In 3 years I have never used an external flash with my LX3, and the LX7 is about 2 stops faster.

I do not have the camera yet, but presently contemplating it for videography.

Usually I would not sacrifice my only hot shoe mount for a viewfinder, since there are other accessories that can get fastened there instead -- flashes, microphones, small audio field recorders, LED lights, etc.

The Achilles Heel of the LX7 for video IMO is the audio. There is not a simple external mic input jack to bypass the pair if pin-mics, and I certainly would not want something encroaching on it 1.5-2mm from it. I am not sure how an omni-directional pick-up pattern in the pin-mics can be held in any way by plugging in something physical so close to the built-in mics.

I am perusing the advanced manual now, it seems so far that there is no way to even trim the recorded audio level or turn it off completely if not needed, is there? You know, OFF and then maybe loudness levels in 4 increments that can be set manually. If it is all automatic all the time (AGC), well that is simply not good at all. And with no 3.5mm or 2.5mm mono or stereo ext, microphone jack on the body, you cannot bypass the audio recording that the camera is doing.

I definitely want to get a Lumix camera for video use, I think they are on the top, fortunately I am also looking at other Lumix models from Pana, some of which have the external microphone jacks and even manual sound level adjustment capabilities. So far, it seems to me that the DMC-LX7 has neither.

The sound level may be "loud enough," but probably only because the camera's AGC turns itself up all the way to hear something and record something usable out of the partially blocked omnidirectional pin-mics.

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