Important underground pics for PhD research. Stitch photos for wide angles or use a wide angle lens?

Started Jan 21, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: a wide angle lens?

Personally, I'd be looking for as wide a lens as possible, so for maximum flexibility, get the sigma 8-16. A fair bit wider than the others, and its a good match for your kit lens focal length wise.

That on a D5100 with its flip out screen and mounted a tripod will allow you to back the thing close to corners if needed, frame using the live view and grid, and you'll get jaw dropping perspectives that nobody else in your presentation circle are likely to duplicate. You'll also have real fun learning to shoot in ultra wide for normal stuff as well.

Quality will be exceptional on the D5100 as well, and you'll have massive room for postprocessing and shadow pulling if you shoot at base ISO, expose for highlights, and use the very low noise floor of the D5100.

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