D600 raw can't do Photoshop CS5

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Re: D600 raw can't do Photoshop CS5

Joe Braun wrote:

Not that you have to like it, but this move isn't "silly." It's been this way for years. Adobe releases a version of CS bundled with ACR. During the life of the product, it regularly updates ACR to support new cameras. When Adobe releases a new version of CS, they stop updating the old version of ACR. So if you want support for the latest camera, you have to bite the bullet and upgrade.

The "gaping hole of customers" that you describe are people who don't want to pay for the latest version. Adobe, being a standard money-hungry company, doesn't care about that market.

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The difference is that I could afford every 2nd or 3rd incremental cost update but not a new full system

I know I am not alone in that so I do consider it silly

And yes they are money hungry but do not equate that with intelligence on the market, many a big company has been too arrogant

And no I dont have to upgrade - my D800 works pefectly well with my FR4 / CS4 combination.  For one I will not be spending money yet and if I can't do an incremental upgrade in the future I will not be paying for a full new PS system, I dont need it so will stick with what I have

Previously though I have spent in support of new, but non essential, features

So no, I dont have to bite the bullet and upgrade and neither will the people I know that do not use it professionally

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