Nex 6 USB charging

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Re: Nex 6 USB charging

hode wrote:

JurijTurnsek wrote:

I am planning to purchase Sony NEX-6 in the near future - selling all my photo gear, but keeping my camcorder.

Now, in the future I would like to upgrade my camcorder too and one way to do it would be to purchase the 18-200 Power Zoom lens and use it on NEX-6. However, I would require a bigger battery - 180 mins recording time or more. Could I plug a portable mirco USB battery pack to it (filming on a tripod) to give it a 5000 mAh battery? (Theoretically yes, but in practice?)

The camera must be turned off while charging, when you switch it on, even plugged in, it drains the battery.

I am waiting for this, not sure if something like that exists with usb plug in one end

Would also recommend to buy at least one extra battery, they are quite cheap on ebay. I have one which are a few hundred mAh bigger than the original.

I recommend this, I have one and it's working great:


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