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How do you get the 'constant' rate set up? Do you have some remote control fixture that will work with the 5N?

Presently, I'm using a PCLIX device (from my friend Paul up in Toronto). It works perfectly on the SLTs using a dedicated (Sony) hard line. There is also an IR cable that should talk to any camera that speaks to a remote commander (which I believe is the case for the 5N -- at least I'm hoping).

If not, the 5N has a 'continuous' mode. This is not S-burst (one measurement, multi-shot), but it is a full AF/metering/shoot/write cycle for each shot.

There is no "continuous" mode for the A99... I am salivating at the thought of this feature on the 5N!

I measured for 1/2000th, 16Mp image in "STD" mode. a rate of 2fps. Changing this setting to 8Mp in "Fine" more, this increased to a rate of 4fps.

The 5N can keep this 2fps or 4fps rate going forever it seems, without any variation, hickups or hesitations. So - your 1/2s interval per shot (2fps) seems doable.

After some tests, I'll let you know what I find. Again... I'm very hopeful!

As to the SDcard write speed, I believe that no Nex writes at 94Mb/s. Also, it isn't clear to me whether this is the max write or read speed. Sony does market these faster cards for 'continuous DSLR shooting'.

So, will the little guy write to 45M/s?

Perhaps the slowdown I notice is not the camera buffer, but the SDcard write buffer that forms a bottleneck?

yes, that would be my guess.

Furthermore, depending on the image that you shoot, the image size can vary anywhere from 3MB to 12MB or so. This means that the max data throughput rate, assuming 45MB/s, could range from 15fps to 4fps.

Yes that's a very good point and a good reason to back away from optimistic best-case estimates. In the early days of 3D animation all of the SGI programs worked with exclusive run-length encoded file formats -- every image was exactly the same size.... hmmm, never dawned on me that playback performance might have been a reason for that. There was always a lot of batch format conversion back then -- half the reason for learning UNIX!

I have also done some reading on the Metabones Speed Booster you mentioned and the logic is coming into focus (yes, pun). Such an interesting concept! I can see why lens makers get academy awards.  What people often forget is (present) video is only 1920 x 1080. So as far as the sensor is concerned... there is always some downward re-sizing going on. It's not about megapixels. However (and I'm really no expert) I suspect that full-frame sensors, with the ability to capture more of the available photons will have much clearer information especially in the dark areas -- and that highly articulated image will hold on to those advantages even when reduced by a factor of 3 (or is it 9?). Perhaps for this reason a large number of A99 video shooters have been grumbling at the disappointing video they are getting. Oh, it's good video, don't me me wrong, but the expectations were MUCH higher. Apparently other systems (Panasonic, for example) have been more effective in extracting good video from much less robust sensors. I will conclude that like so much in photography... it's all about magic!

Many years ago I was on a development team for a 3-D program and enjoyed a robust interaction with engineers, programmers, mathematicians, salesmen, and financiers. Never saw so much innovation happen so quickly -- a lesson in synergy. Now, if only Congress could...

Cheers, Salvy

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