Simple OMD versus GH3.

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Re: Simple OMD versus GH3.

micksh6 wrote:

amtberg wrote:

Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again: neither camera will fit in a pocket and both will fit in a small bag.

Repeating wrong statement multiple times won't make it right.
OM-D fits in jacket pocket with pancake lens. GH3 does not.
OM-D will fit in belt camcoder-sized pouch with lens like Pana 25mm or smaller and additional small lens. GH3 will not.

Technically true about the jacket pocket, and that may be important to you and some other folks.  Personally I don't think I would ever go out with just the EM5, sans grip, with a pancake mounted, and try to cram it into a jacket poccket.

As far as the belt pouch goes, the  GH3 fits in the smallest bag I already owned, which is the Lowepro TLZ Mini.  Very tiny bag which can be worn on a belt.  Anyway, if I'm going that light I would use my Spider Holster which can easily hold the GH3 even with the 100-300 mounted, or a Black Rapids strap.

Course you'll also need some pocket space to store that flash....

I find built-in flashes rather useless anyway - too weak. Way better to pack FL300R which is small enough, has diffuser and can bounce.

The built-in flash is quite useful to provide fill light in backlit situations.  I agree that it's not optimal as a primary light source.  And of course once you add a strobe like the FL300R your argument about belt pouches and pockets goes out the window.

So I'll stand by my statement that, at least for me, there is little or no practical advantage to the smaller size of the EM5.  Quite the contrary.  I prefer the GH3's size which allows for a more comfortable grip and better external controls and connections.  To me it comes down to: EM5 ... IBIS; GH3 ... video.

Good that we have these choices available to us.

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