LX7 with LVF2: Is it hard to handle Aspect control dial and Aperture on lens with LVF2?

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Re: LX7 with LVF2: Is it hard to handle Aspect control dial and Aperture on lens with LVF2?

PdL59 wrote:

Is the LVF2 bulky and will it stick over the Aspect control slider? Is the sound on video worse with LVF2 since I guess it covers the mics?

Other experiences from users of LX7 and LVF2, please!

The LVF2 is about 1/7th the bulk of the camera itself. It does interfere with "pocketability". I carry my LX7 in a shoulder bag, and the LVF2 appears quite robust enough to be used as a handle for removing and replacing the camera - though the manual cautions against this.

The LVF2 does stick over the Aspect Control slider, but there is quite enough space to use a finger to move the slider. However, the EVF does obscure the user's view of the slider setting from above and behind the camera, buth the firm click stops on the slider do provide good touch and sound feedback as it is moved, and the LCD or EVF display clearly shows the chosen format.

There is a curved gap of about 1.5 to 2.0 mm between the EVF and the microphones, and the EVF may actually serve to make them more directional by blocking noise from behind the camera. I have only made a brief video, and felt the sound was quite loud enough when played back on my computer.

With 1,440,000 dots (56% more dots than the LCD), the LVF2 provides an excellent display that overcomes the problem of LCD images in bright sunlight either being washed out, or reflecting too strong an image of the user. The LVF2 also allows me to use it without removing my eyeglasses, Alternatively, a Clearviewer accessory makes use of the existing LCD display with almost similar results, at less cost.

Although the LVF2 occupies the camera's hot shoe, I doubt that I will ever want to mount an external flash in it. In 3 years I have never used an external flash with my LX3, and the LX7 is about 2 stops faster.

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