Nikon 28-300mm VR - Is Focus Breathing an issue if I only need Headshots and nothing smaller?

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Re: Read this review

Photog74 wrote:

The review below talks about both the focus breathing issue and the smallest area you can capture. It even has one head-and-shoulders shot in the sample images section (although it's not a formal portrait but more like a snapshot).

Basically, the take-out for you is that you can use this lens to take head-and-shoulders portraits. However, I second what the previous commenter said - if the 24-120mm f:4 VR was not sharp enough for your own purposes, it's unlikely that you'll find the 28-300mm VR good enough.

Yes, I realize that the 24-120mm will be sharper in almost all spots compared to the 28-300mm, however my intention for the 24-120mm was to *replace* my Tammy 28-75 for indoor work, making the 24-120 my *best* zoom lens for all situations...   But with the 28-300mm I would keep the Tammy not only for indoor work, but for anything critical where the subject is not too far away.  But for outdoor work, the Tamron (and in many spots the 24-120mm as well) would not have enough reach, so the 28-300mm should outperform either of the other lenses for anything more than X amount of feet away.  I have the 70-300mm VR also, so I'll be testing the 28-300mm pretty heavily against it.  If the 28-300mm is somewhere in the ballpark of the 70-300mm VR, the 70-300mm Vr will be sold : )


My point is that the 24-120 was not sharp enough to be my *best zoom*, but the 28-300mm is not going to be used that way.

Also, I find that when shooting outdoors in good light, I don't quite need the critical sharpness compared to low/mid indoor light... this might be totally in my head, but when shooting indoors, I use a diffused flash in challenging light so I'm usually doing a lot of post processing to get the look I like, and having excellent sharpness seems to really help.

Bottom line is that the 28-75mm just does not have enough for many outdoor outings, the 24-120mm was to be used mostly indoors also, but didn't match the sharpness or AF speed of the 28-75mm, so I still wanted something for all-day walkaround work.

I just bought one yesterday... I'll be putting it though it's paces..

Thanks all!

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