why do photos need color correction prior to printing ?

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Re: why do photos need color correction prior to printing ?

A camera can capture more colors than the screen can display.  A screen can display colors that the printer can't print and the printer can print colors that the screen can't display.  (research rendering intent).

A camera can capture a wider dynamic range than a screen can display.  A screen can display a wider dynamic range than a printer can print.

A screen makes color with light.  A printer makes color with ink.  Colors can shift depending upon what light source you are viewing the print under.

Each device from camera to final print has limitations including your own eyes.  Each manufacturer of each device programs things differently and each device has some variability from the one that the manufacturer used as a standard.  Display calibration and ICC print profiling specific to YOUR printer, paper and ink is important.

A print that is darker than the screen is generally a result of a screen that is too bright and displaying the image incorrectly.  If the screen is showing it brighter than it should be the print will obviously be darker.

Understanding and practicing color management is critical to the entire chain of imaging.  Proper printing is never plug-n-play.  There is a science to it and at some point the science has limitations and it becomes art.

I view the imaging chain as three equally important components.  Capture (raw material to create an image), editing (correction, compensation and personal expression) and printing (correction, compensation).

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