D600 raw can't do Photoshop CS5

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Re: D600 raw can't do Photoshop CS5

Robin Casady wrote:

stan g wrote:

I just found out that D600 raw pic files cannot be opened and worked in photoshop (CS5 or older) because (apparently) Adobe only updates their latest software versions (CS6) to support new cameras and their formats. The folks who don't have CS6 need to convert their D600 raw files to adobe's dng format (with adobes dng converter), then it can be worked in prior CS6 versions. Yet another step in the PP process.

What is so different about D600 raw files (and apparently D800 as well)????

So now I must either upgrade to CS6 or purchase the latest Lightroom .

Be forewarned..............

You are going to have to upgrade to CS6 if you want to be eligible for future upgrades, anyway. Besides, CS6 has a much improved NEF conversion engine.

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Silly move by Adobe - there's so many that need more than elements but cannot pay for a full photoshop regularly

I'm staying with CS4 and wont dream of paying a full price later.  They really should have had a PS add on for lightroom that permits layer and pixel based editing. Pretty soon only corporate / pros will pay for PS and it leaves a gaping hole that they miss out on

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