NEX-7 "lugs"

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Re: NEX-7 "lugs"

MBRuss wrote:

Does anybody know of a strap that can quickly be clipped directly onto the lugs? Though I rarely use one, I wouldn't mind being able to attach a strap on the odd occasion that I might want one, however, it takes too long fiddling with those triangular clips, so I'd want a strap that can quickly clip onto the lugs directly.

I use a Leica strap on my NEX-7. Not trying to be a showoff, but it's more flexible than the strap that came with the camera and it attaches easily. I took off the little metal triangles and the strap attaches nicely to the lugs. Nothing rubbing or scratching so far. The price was reasonable for a piece of kit with LEICA written on it.

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