Canon 6D: 3 weeks in Italy

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Re: Wonderful post...

Thanks for the comments! With the 16-35 as the primary lens for the trip it was inevitable that buildings would start to slant in the photos. It's also my first time using an UWA lens so I had to do what I can to adapt to the lens angle as quickly as possible before the trip was over. The photos are straight out of camera though so some post processing may make them more to taste.

Bingo for Positano and Forum! Both very beautiful places in their own unique way

TimR32225 wrote:

Thank you for posting this. It serves as an enjoyable mini trip back to Italy, and brings back memories of my own travel. Your thoughts on the GPS are interesting and answer some of the things I've wondered about. The overall image quality of your samples is very good.

I am especially interested in architectural photography, and I have made many images inside cathedrals across Europe and elsewhere. Your ceiling image in the cathedral (not sure which cathedral it was) is very nice and the detail is very good. (rotate it slightly clockwise and it will be perfect). There is some edge softness in the image, but your result shot at f2.8 is fairly amazing. I would have expected worse softness on the edges having been shot wide open at f2.8.

The perspective is nice on your first Venice shot.

On the beach photo on the Amalfi coast, try using the Graduated filter tool in Adobe Camera Raw on the raw version of this image (I noted you shot Raw/L JPG). Assuming you haven't already made such a correction, try dragging the filter left to right and then adjust the intensity of the correction. That should allow you to recover some of the highlight area on the left side of the image.

I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks.

I am really delighted to hear it was an enjoyable read I do hope to share some info about the camera as I purchased it at a time when there were only a handful of reviews on pre-production models. I'm sure there are a lot more reviews by now but thought it would be an interesting hands-on review from a not-so-pro user.

I just took a look at your website and photos and they're amazing! The photos in Italy have colours almost like film. The ceiling photo was of a room inside the Vatican. Yes it requires a rotate but that was just straight out of camera without any fiddling just to show what it's like in its raw (jpeg) form. It's my first UWA lens, an expensive one but I am quite impressed with it at f/2.8 that I haven't hesitated shooting at f/2.8 a lot of times. Perhaps it's bad practice and given the 6D I should have increased the ISO and have a smaller aperture setting.. not sure?

I only have Canon's Digital Photography Professional program which I use to improve distortion, exposure, contrast, sharpness etc on the RAW version of photos. and occasionally make multiple exposures and HDR. I'll keep your tip in mind for when I come across the program myself or with a friend who has it!

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