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MuMinded wrote:

Al Valentino wrote:

That must have been something growing up in that wonderful area. I grew up in the Bronx so all that sort of thing is something from television land.

I have looked at a number of youtube videos of people skiing in winter in the Tuckerman Ravine (see fisheye shot below) and I am always in awe. I know that hike is grueling and you get one try to ski down. I know that must be a wild experience.

Aside from Mt Washington I think my favorite hike in that area is the Franconia Ridge Walk. Going up Falling waters trail to Little Haystack Mt then two miles across the Franconia Ridge to Mt Lafayette then 4 miles back down. I did that 4x and it is just an amazing experience.

Below is a shot of me from last October on that hike, atop Mt Lafayette. Notice my lens pouch on my hip so I can quickly change lenses without going into my bag - when you are in your mid 50's and stiff as a board from the trek anything that saves some work is welcome. The Fuji system is lighter than my Nikons that will help next time, at least I hope there is a next time.

Also, a few more fisheye shots from that area to stay on topic. Fisheye works best for me when shooting from up high or getting some interesting architectural shots.

D300! Yeah, I have that camera also.. I love it but am so happy to have and carry my XPro-1 now.. I no longer hike as much as I used to but I still appreciate the substantial weight reduction.


The Nikon D300 is the reason I am in the forum and proud Fuji X owner. That body is 5 years old and except for Nikon adding 720 video and adding an S to the end of the name it has not changed. I wanted more DR and better ISO and I gave up waiting for a D400. I had 2 D300 bodies and sold one the summer of 2011 and decided not to buy anything Nikon until I know where they are heading. They updated the low end bodies several times, 3000, 3100, 3200 and the same with the 5000 series, and off course the D700 now comes in 24mp D600 or 36mp D800 but they don't care about DX users that want a pro body with weather seals....  Anyway, I researched the state of the art of other brands and ended up with my Fuji and never looked back. Last October I went to the PhotoExpo Plus show in NYC to see the fujis and other brands. I talked to Nikon about the future of DX and was told the D800 is the successor to the D300 and to shoot in DX mode. That snide remark really put me off. Anyway, they lost a loyal customer.

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