Event photography with X-Pro1?

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Cheers for all the help!!!

sgoldswo wrote:

I've been asked to shoot the launch of a charity at an evening function. I agreed without thinking and now I'm a wee bit concerned in that I'm an available light photographer and I'm clueless with flash other than knowing bounce flash gives more natural results.

I would like to shoot the event with my X-pro1, 18mm, 35mm and 60mm lenses. I own an EF-20 flash, that I've barely used since I bought it. I just tried some bounce flash with the 60mm lens in low light and had some decent enough results between ISO1600 and ISO3200, if I kept the shutter speed above 125, but I'm not sure this is the right camera for this work given the AF speed.

The venue will be indoors, about 40-60 attendees expected, room about 10' x 30' or 3m x 10m (ish).

I no longer own a DSLR (though I would never have used my A900 for low light work) but I do have a E-M5 as well and a GH3 that I may take along anyway to shoot some video (though the GH3 may need to be used solely for video on a tripod). Part of me is wondering if the E-M5 (given it has IBIS) might be better for this.

Thoughts anyone?

All, thank you for all the tips. I bought an EF-42 in the end, used that on the X-Pro1 for bounce flash and the EF-20 on my X100. Largely I used the 35mm between F1.4 and F2.8 (I mostly kept the 35 on the X-Pro1) and the X100 between F2.8 and F4. I kept the shutter speed about 500-1000 on the x100 and 160 on the X-pro1. Both cameras were set to ISO640-800 depending on the ambient light.

I didn't find the AF superfast or great but it wasn't the problem I expected it to be. I flipped between SAF and CAF depending on what I was shooting. In the final analysis AF wasn't an impediment to this exercise and (the test for me) I don't think I would have got any better shots with a DSLR or M43s camera.

I took about 250-300 shots (2/3 X-Pro1 and 1/3 X100) of which about 50-60 were of good to excellent quality and another 50 are technically OK but uninteresting. The X100 was invaluable for crowd shots and close work when the room was packed but I did end up slightly missing the resolution of the X-pro1 sensor on those shots (bring on the x100S!).

I'll post some pictures later in a separate post. Thanks again!

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