70-200f/4 IS L + 1.4tc or 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS L?

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Re: 70-200f/4 IS L + 1.4tc or 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS L?

Donald Duck wrote:

crazybadger wrote:

But that's the whole point DD.

While TDP is a useful source, it isn't perfect and its results on the 70-300L run counter to what actual users report. Practically every single person I have seen who has actually used the two lenses agree with what Dags is saying.

I'm not saying the 70-200f4IS isn't a great lens. And if the 1 stop difference is a major issue for you then fine...totally understand that can be a deal breaker in some cases and would justify someone going with the 70-200. A very worthwhile point to bring up in a discussion. But why on earth do people just parrot tdp (or dxo scores as mentioned ealier) as if it was their personal experience. You love the 70-200, the 1 stop is a big issue to you, fine. Why not leave it there? Why comment on equipement you've never used? Maybe I should go over to some of the other threads/forums and start giving my opinion of equipement I have never used? Having read a few reviews and being able to site a few scores should entitle me to speak with as much authority as someone who has used the equipement in question no? Heck, why even bother with 90% of the threads on this forum? We could just refer everyone to the dxo and tdp reviews and say case closed?

Calm down. The opinion of the people who did not get the 70-300 even when they needed reach is as important as the opinion of the people who got it. The test result of a tester who had two copies is at least as important as that of somebody who had one.

I said already that I believe and value the testimony of people who used both. But so did the guy at TDP, and I just pointed out that his results contradict what I read here. I am not sure why would that make anybody angry.

BTW, one stop more IS a factor for IQ. That was my main point. It is NOT true that you do not give up IQ with the 70-300 even if that one stop were the only difference.


Totally agree that the thought processes of those that didn't buy the lens are just as important to potential buyers. But then people should be clear that they have no first hand knowledge and based it entirely on the same site already mentioned. The problem is when people post info about how this piece of equipement is clearly better/worse than that piece, when they have no personal experience of the tools involved, then all they do is cloud the issue. Take this thread. If people hadn't asked "do you have the lens", it would look like there are 3-4 people who have tested the lens, compared it to the other, and concluded the 70-200 w/TC is better. So now the tdp results take on a life of there own. They are now no longer 2 lenses (isn't that their usual testing #?) it is 3-4...and then 5-6...and pretty soon it is "common knowledge that". When in actual fact it is one test site plus 2 or three people repeating that site. Of actual users, so far everyone who has replied here has voiced an opinion close to Dags. Posters should be aware of that.

So why am I getting "upset". Sorry about that. Uncalled for. Just I am going through the process of updating some equipement right now and every time you ask a question concerning this lens/camera or that, the feedback from the actual users often gets drowned out by the "spec sheet gurus" who state "facts" about this function or that function based solely off the spec sheets, without ever backing it up. The signal to noise ratio is so bad it is impossible sometimes to really figure out what is really going on. If I want the spec sheet info or the review site I'll look at the spec sheet and review site. If I want first hand info I come here. To then get fed the same spec sheets/review sites as personal experience makes this site rather useless?

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