help me buy a good slr camera

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Re: help me buy a good slr camera

Many new SLR owners buy something like a T3i or T4i entry level camera with a twin lens EF-S kit only to find they have to upgrade the whole shebang when they wish to take the next step. Not one piece of that starter kit might be part of the next-step kit. That next large investment might to too large for many to partake and they are held back with inexpensive mediocre gear.

Craig, I think this a bit OTT.

The standard Canon kit lenses now are very good optically and surely anyone can get superb shots from any entry level DSLR if they understand the same things they would need in order to get superb shots on any system.

I would not characterize any of the current entry level DSLRs as "mediocre".

I think we need to remember that the vast majority of people buying cameras will never be willing to spend what for some enthusiasts would be a "reasonable" amount for gear.  Photography for most people is useful only while it stays firmly below the $1000 mark or even less.  I know you think the D600 is great value ( and in absolute terms I think it is ), but for most people they'll never step up to the price of that body and lenses to exploit it ( or even learn the technique to do so ).

I think your perspective is what in IT we would call a "power user".  People who will spend more on equipment because they have a use for it ( or in IT usually to play rather silly games ).  You have a very long term involvement in photography at a serious level.  That's not how it is or will be for the majority of buyers now, I think.

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