Nissin 866i pro and Pixel King

Started Jan 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
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babuja New Member • Posts: 1
Nissin 866i pro and Pixel King

I've trying to work with Pixel King using Flash Control from Camera Menu.
The nissin 866i works just fine in TTL or manual mode when setup is set on speedlight unit,  they work just fine in this condition.

However if I want to control then form camera menu there seem to be some problems.

I've test it with pixel king and Nissin 866i and couldn´t control flash from camera menu. They work but I have to set setup on speedlight unit.
I've test it with pixel king and 430EX II and could control flash from camera menu without any issue.
Do you know of any incompatibility and could this be solved?

For example with a nissin firmware upgrade?



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