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Re: the 70-300VR is very sharp ... watch out for those urban legends ...

Midwest wrote:

Peter71951 wrote:

In case you didn't noticed: we are talking about the quality of Fuji zoom lenses versus cropping pictures made by short range, bulky DSLR lenses. A thousand mm zoom lens camera has no need to crop the images (I won't mention the intelligent, very sophisticated Fuji in-camera software which uses pixel binning for magnification and which results in lossless magnification by a factor two) If I do I'm sure you start crying.

I have no need to shoot photos at such outlandish focal lengths. If I did I would buy a longer tele or zoom and still do better with cropping.

Pixel-binning? "Lossless magnification"? LOL.

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Cropping is very bad for the image quality and a bigger lens is very bad for your back and for your wallet. b.t.w. nowadays I eat my pizza's uncut because my chainsaw is in repair.


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