Portraits series from Bangkok Holiday

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Re: Portraits series from Bangkok Holiday

iso25600c wrote:

a portrait series of my wife while we have a short stay in Bangkok, very nice weather and temperature in the january time, I captured her alot while she carrying her X100 snap around.


thanks for the time and comments welcome. Bangkok is an amazing place anyway.


I liked them but feel they could have been much better.

The equipment is incredibly good and it shows but the framing in most of them was a turn-off for me.

I especially felt that your wife is a very beautiful lady but you haven't yet figured how to get the best out her features.

Admittedly, you were in intimate, personal trip and weren't in the mood for it, but a little posing directions from your part would have gone a long way to improve the photos.

Also, you should get a radio-controlled, off-camera flash to model and/or supplement the light.

You have correctly identified the 1DX has a camera that shines in those low+available light scenarios but, please, don't fall into the trap of thinking that high-ISO capabilities are a full substitute for controlled supplementary lightning. Some of these are almost crying for such a discrete, supplementary light source.

Please don't be discouraged by my words.

I am writing, precisely, because I find your photographs and great the model just needing a nudge for the images to achieve true distinctive status.

Here for instance:

It could have been improved immensely by:

1. Lowering your POV by kneeling or crouching to get full body.

2. Have her cross the left leg over the right one...or left foot markedly front.

3. Have her put her left hand on left hip, hips slightly "upped" left.

4. Looking 30 degrees to her right and just a tiny bit up.

5. Very, very subtle key flash (preferably gelled) from your left and up (arms length).

I hope this helps.

PS: I know our wives are always beautiful under our eyes but I would like to take the opportunity to put forward a personal, objective assertion: She is truly beautiful (...and I mean "cinematically" beautiful). You two really should come up with fully-planned, location-scouted shooting session dedicated to her.

All the best!


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