SX50 bird fiasco. Help.

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Re: SX50 bird fiasco. Help.

Bobt.   I think the answers you are getting show how technical (some would say over technical) these cameras have become.  You have had a range of suggestions and excluding the glass issue some will say use AV, Some TV, some P and some even auto allowing the camera to make decisions. The real answer I suspect is experience, keep trying and find what suits you.  I dont like auto and want control.  There are really only 3 things you can change Speed, Aperture and ISO.  Problem solvers would say only ever change one thing at a time and having used film I would regard ISO as a 'sticky'

I like the camera, get some good long range record shots and have seen some very good photographs come out of this (unfortunately by other people).  Luckily digital doesnt cost once you've got it unlike film so keep going.

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