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Re: Really ?

dengx wrote:

Mauro.B wrote:

Are you serious or what ? Gossen meters are professional equipment, and iso is an "industry standard".

Did you read that standard?

ISO 12232:2006 is pretty much "let the camera maker decide whatever suits them".

There are five different techniques for determining the exposure index rating at each sensitivity setting provided by a particular camera model.

And the widely used in the past 6 years is... (from wikipedia)

"The Recommended Exposure Index (REI) technique, new in the 2006 version of the standard, allows the manufacturer to specify a camera model’s EI choices arbitrarily. The choices are based solely on the manufacturer’s opinion of what EI values produce well-exposed sRGB images at the various sensor sensitivity settings. This is the only technique available under the standard for output formats that are not in the sRGB color space. This is also the only technique available under the standard when multi-zone metering (also called pattern metering) is used."

Where EI is an Exposure Index from film days like Ilford Delta 3200 being an ISO 1000 film with EI=3200.

Even funnier:

"The two noise-based techniques have rarely been used for consumer digital still cameras. These techniques specify the highest EI that can be used while still providing either an “excellent” picture or a “usable” picture depending on the technique chosen."

So whatever you may think actually even Fuji follows the so-called industry standard.


You forgot about ridiculous fudgi claims about surpassing old FF (5d2, d700) generation, compared on the direct ISOX — ISOX match. Should I explain why this is flawed one?

In fact, once some PP is applied to bayer APS-C (just chroma denoise, which works great with any of LR, C1, DxO: this retain details and greatly improve perception), Fuji struggles to show advantage over it at the same shutter speed-sensitivity settings and failed after some Topaz Denoise processing is applied.

NEX-5n @ ISO3200, 1/500 — left, Fuji XPro-1 @ ISO6400, 1/500 — right:

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