Bad judge of own photo

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Re: Bad judge of own photo

It's a nice idea, and it's a bit different and creative.  A couple of points:

IMO the composition is a bit too symmetrical top and bottom, and it needs to be tighter on the orange flag things.  The way it is, you have a big expanse of foreground that doesn't really do anything.  It's a bit of a trap when using wide-angle lenses.  For example you could place the horizontal line closer to the bottom, in something like a classic 1/3 to 2/3 proportions, while keeping the reflections, and zoom in a bit tighter on to the flags, maybe using portrait rather than landscape, to give the photo a bit more punch. When you see a promising scene like that, it's often a good idea to try a few different viewpoints, like wide angle close up, or climb on something and zoom in, etc.

Also, don't assume that doing badly in a challenge means your photo is bad.  The photos that I've done well with in challenges are usually fairly "obvious" photos, while more subtle photos that I've really liked have usually barely registered on the voters...


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