For the fun of it , Sony 70-400G on Oly EM5

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further reply to Dave

\Met a retired couple in Legerwood (NE Tas) who had never been more than 30kl outside that town their whole life, born, raised, fell in love, married, lived and worked in the same town for nearly 70 years and never even visited Hobart!........that's definitely not for me, but I admire the fact that they were always happy enough to not feel the need to move!

We met his counterpart , and there are a few of them here , this fellow was about 75 and had lived in the one place all his life , not sure if he had travelled though.

Hi Ron,

Have been checking out your Flickr pics (has taken a few days and have to say good job, you have been busy with those 500mm mirrors!

I hope the idea that I enjoy photography comes through , I do it for the pleasure and have tried not to ever be too commercial about it  ,I have charged in my youth when folks wanted  prints made and money was short but basically it has been a love job for me , nowadays  I owuld give them a CD ,much simpler

There are some beauts there, especially the singers, and guess having a good DSLR body helps too, but you are right, good technique is nine tenths the battle!

Something far too many people  do not accept they think buy a big name camera and results are guaranteed, I am living proof that the best tools do not guarantee it ( especially when I was trying my hand at woodturning  my work was /is always "average" at best)

I'm a dedicated jpeg shooter too, and more concerned with the moment and content rather than the quality, having said that, IQ is always in the back of my mind, something I use as a constant challenge rather than a pre-requite!

You can check out some of my pics from a wonderful trip I took last year to South Africa here;

Had a look at some but this cursed service we have is so slow  I will need to go back when the new monthly quota kicks in (I've bookmarked the page) , my major complaint of living where we do , our broadband is very limited ,Australian service is still 4th world at times

I might look into one of these lenses if I come across a good example at one of our local charity shops, now that I'm (almost) the proud owner of a OMD E-M5, and adapters are quite cheap, it may be a good way of getting closer to the action. Have already sourced a Sigma 400mm f5.6 in the last few days for £67, and can't wait to try it out when the camera arrives! (still in customs)

I have a Tamron 200-500 on order to try with the Nikon D800 , the local sales folks reckon it is rubbish I am looking forward to seeing who is right, them or the bird forum folks who praise it so

One thing I will have to deal with on the OMD, is the 2x crop factor, great for having small compact lenses with double the reach than normal, but of course that comes at a price. I did notice with quite a few of your shots, the better ones seemed to have good or direct light, a common thing with lenses of this ilk!

For birds  good frontal light makes the world of difference  with any camera/lens

Coming from a Fuji HS10 bridge camera, I'm well aware of this, it's tiny sensor really struggles on dull days, so much so, that I hardly use it during the winters here, unless it snows of course!

I picked up a HS30 last year and Alenka (wife) is using it and loving it , and making it sing for her style of work too , it is a top value camera ,very capable , I got her a Nikon D800 before Christmas and she is still using the Fuji as it suits her so. A big factor I found is using support, a monopod really assists the camera a lot especially at the longer end of the zoom , free hand it struggles to lock on things but with a steady support it is much better, still not brilliant but much improved.

Talking of weather,---, needless to say, it was a loooong night!

good story

Good experience though, as it's times like this that make us who we are (and hopefully a little stronger!) and was the only iffy time I had in Tasmania...........well, apart from a few close encounters with Tiger snakes that is......but that's another story!!

beautiful reptiles Tigers , sometimes they disappear in a moment but on a few occasions we have had lovely experiences with them , once Alenka was sitting on a log  near our pond reading a book  and one slid over the  log some 2-3 metres from her totally oblivious to her sitting  there, another time I studied one drinking at the pond for about 10 minutes (I was on the other side birding) on a third occasion we were walking in the forest and found one basking in the sun on our path eventually we gave up waiting for it to move and we detoured around it through the bush .Magic stuff  when they show no fear  or aggression

All the best,


and to you Dave , thanks for taking time to comment


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