RX100 to complement X-E1

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Re: RX100 to complement X-E1

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I find the RX100 truly lacking in low light and the handling is terrible. I struggle to find the shutter release button when I was using it. The image quality cannot come close to the Fuji. As for focus, I did not find it any better than a Fuji and even if it was getting to press the shutter release was a pain.

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Lacking compared to What? It is a pocket camera! The Rx100 produces acceptable ISO5000 images in terrible light. It performs significantly better than my old D200 in low light levels.

You keep saying that the RX100 performs better than the D200 (a DSLR that was released in 2005) but the fact it doesn't. The D200 provides over 1/2 EV better high ISO performance than the RX100 which provides about the same high ISO ability as the Nikon V2 (slightly less, in fact) and just a little bit better than the Fuji X10 which does have a VF and grip.

From DxOMark Sensor Ratings:

D200 Low-Light (sports) score 583 ISO

RX100 Low-Light (sports) score 390 ISO

X10 Low-Light (sports) score 245 ISO

You have obviously not used a D200. D200 tops out at ISO1600 where I can shoot and get isable reduce sized images at ISO5000 with the RX100. It just goes to show that the DXO numbers are not all that meaningful and plain wrong. Granted you do have more control over DOF at with the larger sensor in teh D200.

Compared to a D200 shot, Image noise is slightly less at the same ISO on with RX100 shots at 100%, ISO 3200 are about equal at 100% with the edge possibly going to teh D200 and a downsized RX100 IS03200 to match teh D200 image shot is visibly better than a D200 shot at Max ISO of 1600.

I am making these comments based on actual usage of the 2 cameras side by side.

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