Man arrested for taking photographs of children at bus stop.

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Re: Man Charged With Child Pornography

hzzn wrote:

JPG wrote:

SimonTay wrote:

I would assume they were obscene photographs, can't be illegal otherwise?

This is the scarry part 'ASSUME'. Assume they are obscene. It doesn't say he was taking obscene photos. A real nut brain pervert would take 'obscene' pictures of children right out in public and even get them to perform obscene acts in the open public. Seems to me some bitch was sticking her nose where it didn't belong and ASUMMED some poor street photographer was taking obscene pictures, trying to get them to perform obscene acts, even though she didn't see any, -she just ASSUMED.

Whether she assumed or not, the man is up on child pornography charges for those pictures he took at the bus station. He is already out on bail though.

Wrong country, look a bit east, across the pond...

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