Do you have both the X Pro 1 & X-E1 and...

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Re: Do you have both the X Pro 1 & X-E1 and...

TThorne wrote:

I have a pair of X Pro 1s and was going to sell my X-E1 which is barely used at all. Not being a hot used market item at the moment, it hasn't sold, so I took it out today, put on the 35mm, and shot a little. It is such a joy to use with its small size and really nice EVF.

I really don't want to keep all 3, not because of money, but how man could I use at once? lol. I may have to though. Just wondering what others think.

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I had a pair of X-Pro1's 18 on one 35 on the other, I bought the X-E1 with the 18-55, I didn't like the 18-55 so I sold it but kept the X-E1.

in the end I sold the X-Pro1's and got another X-E1, I use both with the X-E1 grip which I find improved handling.

I prefer the X-E1 over the X-Pro1 for its smaller size, I used the OVF most of the time on the X-Pro but found that the EVF only on the X-E1 gives me more accurate results, of course I could have used the EVF on the X-Pro but I liked the OVF and wanted it to work so didn't really use the EVF

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