GRD IV or Fuji X20?

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Re: Thanks to all!

Hi Tagrifen,

as in other forums, i guess in the end we are Ricoh fans, but the difference is, that we don't have that ithcy urge to try to convince other to become a Ricoh fan too, Ricohs seem to be different, and it either suits you , or not, i guess.

So why trying to convince someone , if the camera does not fit you?

Yes, there is a rumour of a GRD 5, seems Ricoh pattented new lens set ups for an APSC, , combine all rumours, and probably the GRD V is soon to come, will have an PASC, but is probably a bit deeper than the  4.

Regarding feel; If you put 10 similar cameras on a sheld, and all you are allowed to to is hold it 2 seconds in your hand you will pick a Ricoh, the bodies are all magnesium, rock solid, they are small, they do not squeek, sorry getting too enthousiastic here

Another on e waiting for the GRD V i guess...

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