Who needs RAW !?! Jpg headroom sample ! RX 100

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Or looking at it another way...

akjos wrote:

I see your point and trust me im the first one to " stretch" any file, jpg or raw into its limits :). My point was that for snapshots ,unless one has really rare photo opportunity or paid shoot it barely pays it self to store 20 mb files each,etc. if your are new to raw maybe look into my pbase d700 gallery... There are 3 identical raw frames processed into completely looking photo ,one day one night with emulated rain and one " post apocalyptic movie" like :). I guess my point is unless u really need all the detail and workability do freely really do wonders with files jpgs are sufficient... but if and when one does need all that he wouldnt be shooting with tiny pocket camera lol.

If you're only going to be taking 'snapshots' why not buy a cheaper compact, since image quality is not so important for snapshots (as any iPhone user will tell you). You're paying a premium price for that sensor and lens, so you might as well make the most of it.

I've now reached a point where I only take my RX100 on vacation now. Well, my working principle is that I'll only take it if I'm going to a) a place I've been before or b) a place that's not so special. And I've been mightily impressed with the images I bring back (not my shooting, but what the camera does). So far, I haven't been 'out there' saying to myself, "damn, why didn't I bring along my full-frame!". But there have been times with this camera when I've later said "damn, why didn't I shoot in RAW!"....

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