HP Deskjet 1220c

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Re: HP Deskjet 1220c

Alright so, sure, I'm a bit of an idiot, I think the printer has been fine all along.

I was reading about other printer issues and just happened to end up trolling ebay and was reading stats on an Epson 1270 or something and noticed that the listing stated TWO RESOLUTIONS.

It dawned on me, "Holy crap, this printer has touted 2400dpi - but I bet it's in mofo' COLOUR!". I haven't been able to track any B&W dpi figures down yet, probably due to its age, but I did start to notice things say 2400x1200dpi (colour).

DAMN IT. Totally leading you down the wrong path on this one, so thanks a bunch again but I think this thing has finally been beat. That would mean that the max res in B&W (Which is what I actually want to print mostly!) is max 600x600dpi, which sucks ass!

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