any experience with the Aokatec AK-G1 GPS adapter for the D800?

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Re: any experience with the Aokatec AK-G1 GPS adapter for the D800?

Robin Casady wrote:

d70_europe wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

See page 218 of the D800 Users Guide PDF (English). There is a GPS setting in the Setup Menu that determines whether the meter stays on when a GPS unit is attached.

Sure - but I described the behavior of the Aokatec GPS. I don't want the camera's metering system not to turn off (and let stay the the GPS on all the time this way)...

Having the meter turn off will be a problem with any GPS unit.


My old D1X didn't have the option to stay on.

D200 didn't hav the option to turn off, so then I had to turn the camera off with the switch for saving battery.

D300 and later have the option in the menu. I let it of course turn off, to save battery.

With a working GPS, that isn't giving any problem. With a working GPS, I mean a GPS that can stay on all time, or a GPS that do a hot start in 1-2 seconds, like mine (but not d70_europe's) AK-G1 does. I have several camera GPSs that do working this way, and one that doesn't (a Yongnuo N-918 that haven't the option to stay on, and use 90seconds to do a hot start)

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