Sony A37 vs Canon SX50

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Re: Sony A37 vs Canon SX50

Some of the replies here ("get a Bigma") are almost akin to telling someone "Hey, make sure you bring an AR-15 with you to the thumb fight". This is a mostly gear oriented forum (sprinkled with the occasional postings of nice shots), so you're going to see a lot of answers saying "get this better lens, your kit zoom lens sucks" etc. Don't sweat it.

Sounds to me like a fun friendly rivalry is all that's happening here, and that in itself is a cool idea!

You'll have to briefly accept the limitations of your lens; it's a short zoom only. The focal length and convenience/portability advantage she has over yours is significant. But that's about it. A 55-300 (or even the older 55-200) would help close that gap and is not terribly more expensive (55-200's going for <$100 in places, nothing wrong with used).

So enough about what you can't do. Let's start and focus on the strengths:

  • Your kit zoom covers a great range for street and people photography.
  • 50mm+ is good for taking portraits of family members. Get up close!
  • The lens has 'sweet spots' (where it's at it's sharpest) at certain apertures depending on the focal length. At 18mm: f5.6. At 24-35mm: f8. At 55mm: f8-f11. Use this to your advantage.
  • Shoot subjects with very fine detail to highlight the camera's sharpness advantage.
  • Take the camera off of AUTO-ISO and shoot ISO-100 as often as possible in good light.
  • While not a macro lens there's still only 9 inches minimum focus distance; get close if you need to.
  • You have an outstanding low light advantage that will never be approached by hers. Use the camera's multi-frame noise reduction (MFNR) to clean up those static low light shots even more.
  • Kick up those out of camera JPEGs a notch by setting your camera's Creative Style settings. Opinions vary but I use "Vivid", Contrast +1, Saturation +1, Sharpness +2.
  • You can experiment with HDR if you like that kind of thing, some people think it's the bee's knees. You can do interesting things with it at least.
  • View the competing images on the computer at 100% (view actual size) and "pixel peep" the differences in sharpness, noise etc. Ok this last one is a little dirty, but hey, it's a competition, right?

Most of all, just have fun. It sounds like you're already doing that.  And since you're learning photography all these tips are good to incorporate into your regular routine and will help you better exploit your camera's capabilities.

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