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Re: D800 AF now IMPROVED!

Daniel Lauring wrote:

inasir1971 wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Do you set the AE-L/AF-L button to focus? If so, how do you lock exposure...or don't you ever do that? I find exposure lock is important because Nikon's matrix metering does not work as reliably as Canon's evaluative metering, so I'm stuck with point metering...which requires meter lock.

I use the button for exposure lock, and the shutter for focus lock. I don't see why using a button for focus lock would give you anymore accurate focus lock than using a half shutter press.

It isn't using the separate button but rather AF-C vs AF-S. I find AF-C to give better results particularly with fast primes.

So you are saying you find AF-C more accurate, but the only way to get it to lock is to assign it to the AF-L button which turns it off when you let go of the button. Do you ever use exposure lock too? If so, how do you employ the two together?

You could easily assign exposure lock to one of the buttons on the front of the camera, or set the shutter release to do AE-L (causes problems if light conditions change dramatically in the middle of a high speed burst...since you have exposure locked).

I personally don't use exposure lock at all. Raw files from modern sensors have so much room for corrections that I just prefer to concentrate on getting the shot, and make adjustments later on if necessary.

I also don't find AF-C more accurate than AF-S. They're both very accurate with still subjects, assuming that with AF-C you keep the point on the subject or release the button assigned to AF after it acquires. But I do love using the back button to focus. It keeps the camera from throwing focus off when I don't want it to.

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