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Re: AF-ON button behavior

chlamchowder wrote:

you want to set it for release priority if you do a lot of recompose. I thought everyone did it this way.

Actually, it doesn't matter on the D4 and D800. You are correct that you SHOULD have to set it to release priority. In the new cameras when using AF-C with the AF-ON button the shutter will fire immediately, regardless of your priority setting. Nikon refuses to admit this is a bug in their current cameras and that it is working as designed.

What actually happens (on the D600, and I assume on the D4/800), is that the camera is in the selected priority mode while AF is activated. If the AF-ON button is not held down and the shutter release isn't set to activate autofocus, it goes to release priority.

And you don't think that's a bug?  I have the camera set to focus priority and the camera decides that it's going to switch itself to release priority?  Sorry, can't accept that.  You're right in the sense that this may have been intentional by Nikon.  But it was a wrong decision.

I don't think it's a bug - it's definitely an intentional design change that prevents someone from not being able to release the shutter without engaging AF. With that change, there's better separation between autofocus and the shutter release when the user sets the camera to not AF with a shutter button half press. However, it does remove trap focus (I've never used it. The Nikon D600 is my first Nikon DSLR, so I don't know what I'm missing from previous generations).

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