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For me, there is more to photography than just..... I enjoy taking artistic pictures, but most of my photos are communication tools.

I like being able to capture social scenes indoors and at night without flash. I won't argue when you say that well lit flash photos are great, technically and artistically. The absence of flash, IMO, makes people pay less attention to and be more comfortable with the camera. These pictures are for getting in touch with the people later and sparking discussions about people and events.

Fortunately for me, I enjoy landscape and architectural photos, because I take a lot of them in the course of my real estate work. A tripod, wide angle, and HDR makes it easy to document, in a reasonably pleasing way, any setting in any light. Better light is always better, but most things have to get out now. Even quick snap shots, hand held can yield some good shots with a modern DSLR. The ability to show anyone anywhere any property I see, to an extent, the way I see it, is a fantastic communication tool.

I do try to be as artistic as I can with my utilitarian shots. Better composition and IQ keep the viewers eye on the image longer and better convey the information documented in the shot.

Like the rest of you, I do like to go out with the camera just to get the best shots I can of the most interesting things I see. I don't show most of those, but I do show the ones I like. They make for interesting conversation sometimes too. I don't know if I would do much photography if I never showed anyone else even one picture. I definitely wouldn't take as many pics.

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