Is the 40D still a capable/worthy camera for $365?

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Re: Is the 40D still a capable/worthy camera for $365?

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Sovern wrote:

Theres a guy in my area on CL selling a Canon 40D with only 3K shutter accutations and the photos that I've seen of the camera body look flawless. It comes with a battery grip and 3 batterys all for $365.

My question is, is the 40D known to have reliability issues and would it make a good primary/secondary camera for wedding photography (I will be shooting with a 5Dclassic more than likely that or a 60D as my main body).

I'm coming from using a Rebel xsi which I bought used for $200 7 months ago and the shutter went on it last night (error99 the shutter is poking over the sensor and appears to be broken.)

So bottom line, is a 40D with only 3K shutter accutations worth $365 and will it be an upgrade/downgrade coming from a Rebel xsi and will it make for a nice backup/secondary camera paired with a 5Dc or 60D?

I could either get another Rebel xsi for $200 and hope the shutter doesn't break or get this camera that's the main dilemma.

Thanks and all the best.

keh has some 40D for only 225... that's pretty cheap, i think that's cheapest i've seen, not sure why you want to pay nearly 400 for one. Keh has a pretty good return policy too.

WOW. I never even heard of this site but thats pretty amazing. Thanks a lot for linking me to that site. The problem is that they don't list the shutter accutations with the camera so I'm left with going off of the general condition.

So if you were in my shoes would you buy the camera from this website and save yourself $65 plus gas/driving?

I can get one off of there for $300 that is in EX+ condition. is pretty well known. Especially for used gear. And you're right, there's no way of knowing the shutter count. I would actually give them a call and ask if I was you trying to purchase a camera off them. I've only bought lens from them (and use them as a market price indicator), all the lens I bought from them are great.

Give them a call, talk to them, see if they can figure out the shutter count for you.

More than gas and driving it's the ability to return, buying of CL, forget about it, I've never been able to return anything off CL, and got burned twice, both time taking minimal damage, but with cameras, it's no joke, very hard to find what's wrong with it in the span of 5-10 min.

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