Nex6: 1080p, 60fps on camera compressed for DVD, overkill?

Started Jan 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
Jezebel Masterson Forum Member • Posts: 71
Re: Nex6: 1080p, 60fps on camera compressed for DVD, overkill?

Sean Nelson wrote:

Yes, in general that's true. And the more complex the motion (lots of different things moving in lots of different directions) the more data is needed for a high quality representation.

Highly detailed scenes also require more bits to represent. For example tree foliage, even stationary, will use more bits than something like a continuous blue sky above a blue sea. That's generally less of an issue than motion, though.

Ok, I appreciate the info. It's sometimes hard to get the specifics from anybody not wanting to get paid for it. Makes sense anyhow, the more pixel variation in a scene the more data it should take to represent that. This weekend I will try to get out of the neighborhood and test out my new toy. I would like to try some action, perhaps a trip to the nearest highway overpass lol. I admit, I am into the testing just as much as the artistic side.

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