? about migrating plugins from cs5 to cs6?

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Re: migrating plugins from cs5 to cs6.

Jeff Peterman wrote:

When I look in the CS5 plugins folder there are many plug ins at the top level, and many sub folders with plug ins. In the newly installed CS6 folder there is only a subfolder called "Panels." I've used many older versions of Photoshop, and at this point I've no idea which of the plugs are actually useful. The only one I can identify for certain, which I've tested under CS6, is PSFilterPPLauncher64 for Portrait Professional (which I still use). I've attached a screen capture showing the list under CS5. Any idea which ones are still useful under CS6

No idea at all. What you have is problem that is typical when you install Photoshop Plug-ins in an Adobe create Photoshop version install trees. Some third party plug-in will only work when install that way. However most will work from a tree you not Adobe create to install Photoshop into. Photoshop has a preference setting that you can use to add an additional Plug-in tree to installed Photoshop versions.

Therefore I create a folders like C:\Photoshop Plugins\ and C:\Photoshop Plugins (x86)\ I then add sub-folders in these for each third party plugin I install and I install the plugin these. When I install a Photoshop Version all I need do is I set its additional plugin folder preferences to C:\Photoshop Plugins\ or C:\Photoshop Plugins (x86)\ and all my third party plugins are installed. All version of Photoshop use the same trees there is only one copy of the plugins installed.

CS6 has changed its plugins tree splitting it some what because users were getting so confused for they did not know what they installed from what Adobe installed for Photoshop. So now there are two Adobe Photoshop Plugins trees in CS6.

"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Plug-ins\" the set this up for users to install plugins into.  As you saw it empty except for panels, You can however still add your own tree and use it.

"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Required\" this is now where Adobe install its Photoshop required plugins. Users should not touch this folder.

I also install my Photoshop's scripts outside of Adobe created trees. Adobe does not provide a preference for this. You must use the OS file system to do that. Mac user use Photoshop on Apple OS which is Unix and PC use Photoshop with Windows. File systems may use different terms like Links, symbolic links, shortcuts etc.

On Windows I create a shortcut for my folder "C:\Photoshop Scripts\" and move it into "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Presets\Scripts" the net result is this links my tree into Adobe scripts tree.

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