Is it possible to asess President Obama objectively?

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Re: Is it possible to asess President Obama objectively?

kcbeatty wrote:

vadimraskin wrote:

Why do you keep asking questions that you already know your answers to?

Because you make general statements that are not backed by anything concrete. Anyone can make a wild accusation but it means absolutely nothing unless you have something to show for it. I don't know what you do for a living but if I state publicly that you are totally unqualified for your work and doing a terrible job you will/want to know why I am making these accusations and what is that I know that makes me say so, right? How is that different when it comes to the political leader?

Are you going to answer me with the same question?

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If direct knowledge or absolute proof of accusation were required before posting in this forum It would be a very blank forum. I am just a citizen who has to take information from other sources and make an evaluation as to whether the info was accurate or not. Some of us are better at the game of life than others. No one is totally unbiased.

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That is a problem: the source of information. None of us has a direct access to the best possible source BUT the trick is to take your information from the number of sources and compare it before making your judgement. Unbiased information is hard to come by these days but power of intellect and logic plus a little bit of common sense usually tell you what is what.

My point is that most of what Obama does is not designed to bring this country into the folds of the socialism; far from it. He might be a sort of liberal but no way he is a socialist. I am sure he is being guided by other people who are not socialists either. What I know is that all current political leaders are not independent and owe "favors" to some special group or another, regardless of political party. Until the Election process in this country is financed by the Government and no political contributions are allowed it will not change. However, this is a topic for another discussion

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