E-PL5 & E-PM2 users - get busy reviewing !

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Re: The Magical EPL5...

CosmoZooo wrote:

You need to think less about the nick and more about the context before passing judgment. But then your previous comments suggest your views are rather narrow so enjoy your Magical E-PL5 and your 1982 Plymouth but show some respect to others when no disrespect has been warrantied.

Says the man who has graced this thread with things like "your highness", "your artistic majesty", "narrow-minded self-loathing buffoon", "see my point grandpa".

CosmoZooo, all of this between you an Vjim aside.......do you actually have an E-PL5? I'm just curious as to where these "facts" you are coming up with are from. It at least appears that your contribution has been to discount anything positive as coming from "Oly fanboys", and you've done quite a bit of name calling. It does seem like you have some first hand experience with the NEX-6 which seems like a very nice camera in it's own right, but if I'm interested in that, I'll go to the NEX forum. Otherwise, it seems like you've done little but significantly increase the signal to noise ratio in the OP's otherwise interesting thread.

Just my opinion of course.

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