Melbourne night photos with K-5 & Tamron 70-200mm. WB question.

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Re: Melbourne night photos with K-5 & Tamron 70-200mm. WB question.

Using K100D Super and Panasonic ZS3 wrote:

Adjusted image

Hi Kyogle

With mixed lighting, different parts of an image may or may not be to your liking. There may be no WB that could make all parts of the image appear as you wish. If this is the case the part of the image that appears incorrect can be adjusted separately from the rest of the image.

For example (and this is just my opinion) the color and luminance of the sky in the first image looks incorrect for the rest of the image (a night scene). It''s too bright and colorful. I took the liberty to adjust the image to my liking and uploaded it as an example. (This is only my second posting and I'm not sure if I can upload my example).

In addition to keeping the first image content as is, have you considered creating a duplicate image and cropping it where the image is of the buildings or just the upper parts of the buildings and a small portion of the sky?

Thanks for this. Actually the sky in the first photo is basically how it was. I took the photo before it was really dark and there was still plenty of colour in the sky. When it became totally dark I stopped taking photos.

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