Simple OMD versus GH3.

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NMOS is a type of MOS semiconductor..

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

Mike_PEAT wrote:

The link posted in the OP says the sensors on both cameras are "Live MOS" which is Panasonic's NMOS sensor technology.

But DPReview says that both cameras are CMOS which is Sony's sensor technology.

Who's right?

Then again many keep referring to the OLED screen as "the LCD."

I think the reason is that Live MOS is a licensed name that can be used with any sensor brand. It is just a name.

Initially Live MOS sensors were hybrid, using CCD and CMOS features. Don't know how is now, but they may have changed for CMOS only.

Yes, Live MOS is the licensed name, but the technology is NMOS or N-type Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS is Complimentary MOS, and there's also P-type MOS or PMOS electronics out there).

NMOS sensors had the (then) quality of CCD with telower power consumption of CMOS. Of couse today manufacturers have learned how to overcome the natural inherant noise of CMOS.

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