Nex6: 1080p, 60fps on camera compressed for DVD, overkill?

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Nex6: 1080p, 60fps on camera compressed for DVD, overkill?

Jezebel Masterson wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

Jezebel Masterson wrote:

I know there is more to the information channel than sharpness, but is this really the case or am I missing something? How can 28 look better than nearly 200mb/s?

There's a big difference between sharpness and compression artifacts. The point of higher bitrates is to reduce compression artifacts, but they won't improve an image that isn't sharp to begin with. Similarly, the sharpest camcorder in the world won't look all that great if it records a screen full of randomly fluttering tree leaves at a low bitrate.

Gotcha, thank you for that explanation. So would it be safe to say that higher bitrates are better for motion/action then? As well as saying, one could get away with lower bitrates for more stationary targets?

Yes, in general that's true.   And the more complex the motion (lots of different things moving in lots of different directions) the more data is needed for a high quality representation.

Highly detailed scenes also require more bits to represent.  For example tree foliage, even stationary, will use more bits than something like a continuous blue sky above a blue sea.   That's generally less of an issue than motion, though.

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