Will faster SD card improve number of shots in 10 fps? (nex5n)

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Re: Will faster SD card improve number of shots in 10 fps? (nex5n)

robert614 wrote:

geminihc wrote:

i just got a 5n and i'm able to do about 4 shots at 10fps (shutter priority) using my 8gb standard sd card.

is this normal? will i be able to improve this speed if i get a faster sd card or perhaps a sony memory card?


Hello geminhc,

If you go into the menu and turn off "Lens Comp.:Distortion" under setup,you will get the full burst of 10+ frames before the buffer fills.Hope this helps.


This should only apply if one were shooting in Jpeg or RAW+Jpeg mode, right? If shooting in RAW only, there should be no in-camera processing that would delay writing...

Regardless, I would check that your sd card is rated as class 10 (there would be a 10 in an almost complete circle on the front of the card). Other common speeds are class 6 and class 8. I don't think they produce the slower ones anymore and the 8GB size suggests your card is relatively new.

There's a UHS (ultra high speed) rating for some newer SD cards, but not supported in all cameras. Of the NEX cameras, I think only the 6 *might* support it (given the official specs give burst speeds when using UHS). So it's probably not worth the price premium of a UHS SD card over a standard class-10. (though they are backwards compatible if you also plan to use the same card in another camera that does support UHS).


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